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A Declaration of the Independence of Mindspace

by Guy Garcia


The minute details of our personal lives – who we know, what we think, where we go and why, have not been stolen from us; we have voluntarily offered them up to opportunistic apps promising convenience and effortless connection to anything or anyone for any reason at any time. We have become slaves, not of an oppressive master-server, but to our own unquenchable desires.

Yet more worrisome is the arrival of products and software that use electro-magnetic signals to enter – and alter – the human brain. The benefits of these mind-bending gizmos range from better sleep and relaxation to increased stamina and intensified concentration for games or work. The consumer market for such devices is just getting started, but the science behind them isn’t new. The history of brain-hacking experiments dates to Nicola Tesla, and research into microwave neural enhancement is currently being pursued for both military and commercial applications. Like the Internet itself, new technologies hatched in labs and bunkers have a habit of eventually reaching our offices and bedrooms, and as we all know, once permission and access are granted, it’s hard to get them back. As a society, we haven’t even begun to address the moral and social implications of tech-boosted brain implants, but in our brazen age of politically-motivated cyber-attacks and Fake News samizdat, the mind, well, reels at what could happen if such technology got into the wrong hands.

TELEVISION SKIES - Free Solo - Official Music Video (Written by Guy Garcia)

TELEVISION SKIES - Free Solo - Official Music Video (Written by Guy Garcia)


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Brief history

A Brief History
of Mindcontrol



Late 1800s-early 1900s

Serbian-born scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla conducts experiments using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic waves as part of his goal to create a global wireless-communications system and a limitless power supply that uses the Earth’s atmosphere as a conductor. Tesla is credited as being one of the first scientists to explore how electromagnetic radiation can be used to produce altered states of consciousness in the human brain.



The U.S. Air Technical Command requests access to Tesla’s personal papers, including documentation and drawings of his ELF beam experiments, for defense-related purposes. Government officials subsequently deny ever having had possession of Tesla’s research materials.




Interest in the military applications of Tesla’s ELF research spreads...


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